Looker Studio Integration

Create custom Google Looker Studio reports utilizing the SEO ranking data from your ProRankTracker account.
ProRankTracker's connector enables you to enhance your Looker Studio reports with real-time SEO rankings data, whether used alone or in conjunction with other data sources.

How to display your SEO Ranking Data on Looker Studio

Step 1 - Generating Looker Studio Reports

Access the Reports section in your ProRankTracker account and navigate to Looker Studio.
Here, you can create reports containing the desired data for Looker Studio.
Choose between Dashboard, Overview, or Daily Breakdown reports and select which URL or Project to include. Once the report is configured, you'll receive a "Looker ID".

Step 2 - Connecting to Looker Studio

Find and connect with the "Pro Rank Tracker" connector within Looker Studio. During the setup, you'll be prompted to input the Looker ID obtained from your report.
Alternatively, you can create a new Looker Studio report and integrate the connector as the data source, or simply add it to your existing reports.

Step 3 - Utilizing the SEO Data

Congratulations! Your data is now imported and ready to be utilized within Looker Studio. Visualize it as you prefer.

You can create three types of reports with PRT's Looker Studio connector:

Stats for dashboards that summarize the current rankings of a site or project include rank increases, decreases, and ranking distribution.

A snapshot of the current rankings of a site or project.

Day-to-day progress in the rankings of a site or project's terms.

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